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Charging Coast to Coast

EV Ownership

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Experance EV Ownership - Tesla Model 3

About the Charging Coast to Coast Event.

We’re coming to you, Canada!

We’re visiting 40+ locations across Canada to showcase the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), offer new insights on EV charging infrastructure and provide greater awareness of Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan.

During our tour this summer, you can experience what it’s like to ride in a brand-new electric vehicle.

What you will learn on the day.

There’s no question that we’re headed for an all-electric future. The percentage of electric vehicles on Canadian roads is growing and so the need to charge them.

Residents & building management will have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with our EV specialists, learn about Canada’s emission targets and get answers to any EV-related questions you may have.

Our specialists will also spend time demonstrating how EV chargers work, showcasing the technology that supports them and giving you an opportunity for a first-person passenger experience.

Get to know

Incentives for EVs & EV charging

Incentives for
EVs & EV

EVs basics & benefits

EVs basics &

EV charging technologies

EV charging

Emission reduction goals

reduction goals

Fun interactive contests

Fun interactive

Experance EV Ownership - Tesla Model 3

Experience EV Ownership.

From the aesthetics to the performance, feel what it’s like to ride in a new state-of-the-art electric vehicle.

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EVSTART is an electric vehicle charging leader offering custom solutions for new and existing facilities to meet the EV charging needs of Canadians now and well into the future.

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